Company Profile

Giovanni Vezzi 1720 arises from external opportunities.

In fact the target market, is literally invaded by fake products, which are of poor quality, imported, sometimes not tested in terms of adequacy to food contact and, thing that counts most for the consumer, expensive.


One of the business reference fields is the “incentive & sales promotions“. In fact, Giovanni Vezzi 1720 moves confidently among incentive operations, point collections, in-pack and in-store promotions, prize catalogues, continuity promotions, fidelity tasks, gifts and business gadgets.

In this case, the partners correspond with production factories, tertiary service companies, GD and GDO chains, which by now take advantage of such enterprises for marketing.

Immagine2Our modus operandi consists in offering the client a personalized strategic advice, with “custom-made” programs and products, often involving the client himself in planning, developing and realizing a highly personalized product.

Therefore we are able to curate the phases of product research, planning and packaging, logistic management and mass-production, without entrusting them to brokers.

Having resident staff in the production plants we offer a real quality control and the impossibility of disappointing the client’s expectations, by consigning a product always in compliance with standards and food contact regulations.