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Once upon a time in Venice
The story of porcelain in Venice starts in this very way...
With you, every day.
Giovanni Vezzi 1720
Details, they make the difference

Green, White and Red…the Italian Flag in cooking!
Every day we promote the charme of Our wonderful Country.
Once upon a time in Venice…
The story of porcelain in Venice starts in this very way. In fact it was the 1720 when Giovanni Vezzi brought among the lagoons the secret of white gold
Health in First Place
For the product requiring it, all the strictest regulations about food contact compliance are satisfied...

Giovanni Vezzi 1720 vocation is realizing a product with absolute quality and refined design by merging in every product exclusivity, art, innovation, tradition and exquisitely italian elegance.

The products include all the items related to the art de la table world, first of all porcelains but also crystals, cutlery, tools and accessories. All the articles signed Giovanni Vezzi 1720 are objects to furnish, to be given as a gift, to be owned and lived. Objects to be moved for, in which nothing is left to chance and every aspect is well-finished until the minimal detail. mug2